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Marketing Brochures
Overview of Analyic Data Solutions – this brochure provides an overview of Analytic Data Solutions including a summary of service and solution offerings.

Planning Assessments – as no assessment is ever alike ... Planning to develop and/or enhance your analytic environment | Assessing your current environment for gaps and overall ‘health’ status | Preparing for a system upgrade and/or performance (capacity) evaluation

Metadata Management – determine and provide the appropriate processes and framework to create/manage metadata from both the IT and business perspectives.

Data Governance and Stewardship – assess and initiate the necessary framework and procedures to promote and execute a ‘data governance’ program. 

Data Modeling and Architecture Oversight – assist in the creating/enhancement of analytic data models as well as provide oversight to analytic architecture adhering to best practices.

Quick Start Analytics (QSA) for Healthcare – reference architectures consisting of data models and report layouts contributing as a set of accelerators designed to shorten the development time and reduce project implementation costs.  

QSA Demo Applications - a method designed to quicken the process of empowering the business by turning data into actionable information. QSA provides a means to build a prototype analytic reporting application with an accelerated three-step process.
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"We were immediately able to act on a number of their short term recommendations and are actively perusing the foundational work for many of the longer term suggestions." 

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