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White Papers
Simplifying Best Practices into BI Development 

Author:  Gary Hanson 

Brief Description: The purpose of “Simplifying Best Practices into BI Development" is to highlight the significance of establishing and incorporating best practices into both Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) development.  

Examining Top Performing Best Practices of BI Solutions 

Author: Gary Hanson 

Brief Description: This paper is second in a series addressing best practice of developing BI solutions. The objective of this paper is to highlight and describe 10 common and top performing best practices regarding BI development.  

An End To End Perspective On Managing Data Warehouse Performance

Author:  John Majarwitz 

Brief Description:  This paper describes a proactive approach to prevent performance problems from arising in the first place and a diagnostic approach for determining the root cause of performance problems and the corrective actions to undertake when performance problems do arise.

The Requirements Driven Project Planning Process (RDP3)

Author:  John Majarwitz 

Brief description:  This paper addresses the project planning/creation process for software systems and technology projects and offers an approach to project planning that recognizes that planning a project is different than managing a project once the plan is in place.

Information Based Design - Next Generation Data Warehouses for Healthcare Providers

Authors:  John Majarwitz and Kishore Nair

Brief description:  This paper outlines an incremental strategy for developing a data warehouse solution that is based upon getting early benefit to end users while being able to build upon the work that has been done. The key principles to delivering incremental value while avoiding throw away work over time are based on planning the work broadly while executing the work modularly.

Informatics in Research – Improving the Quality of Care

Authors:  John Majarwitz, Kishore Nair and Dr. Bernd-Uwe Sevin

Brief description:  This document will take a deeper dive into the “right hand side? of the reference architecture and examine the Decision Support and Analytics functions and the organization of the data to support these functions. It will also address how to approach the critical concerns for securing private health care data within the architecture.  
The following is a list of available white papers. These white papers are written by associates of Analytic Data Solutions, LLC or colleagues of partnering consulting firms who were willing to share their expertise on a specific topic.  The first page of each white paper has an overview page including information about the author.   

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