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Analytic Data Solutions is a BI-data solutions consulting company with a strong business orientation.  We bring extensive technical and business experience with  a proven track record of unifying IT and business in order to successfully achieve corporate goals.

Are you hearing ...
Click here to examine a generic current state data architecture and compare it to your environment
Click here to critique a generic future state data architecture based on best practices and compare it to your business goals
“We don’t trust our data.?

“Our data is stored all over the place; it’s complicated and frustrating!?

“I spend all my time cleaning and validating data, leaving me no time to actually analyze it.?

“Corporate knowledge is in people’s heads. When they leave the company, there goes the knowledge!?

“Same question, different answers.?

“We’re in the same company, but speak different languages!?

“I wait too long for reports. I wish I could do it myself.?  

Before and after images of a 
data architecture environment
Reducing your Data Integration (DW)  and  Analytic (BI) development effort by 30 to 50%.  See Quick Start Analytics (QSA) for Healthcare under Solutions. 

Empowering the business by turning data into actionable information.  See QSA Demo Applications under Solutions.

Maximizing your ICD-10 investment ensuring compliance to all  downstream systems, such as DW, data marts, & BI applications.  
See Data Modeling and Architecture Oversight under Services.

Creating the framework for a true "self-service" reportng platform.
See Data Governance under Services.

Eliminating unnecessary overhead and reducing the data infrastructure costs. See Planning Assessments under Services.    

Creating a Strategic Program Plan including Business Drivers, Architecture Blueprint, and Executable Roadmap. See Planning Assessments under Services.  

Establishing "Best Practices" through the creation of a BI Center of Excellence or Competency Center.  See Case Study: BICC Strategic Roadmap  under Info Center.   
Analytic Data Solutions can assist you in: