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QSA Demo App
A common theme in a business setting is addressing ‚Äúspeed to market‚Ä? as a way to react to consumer demands and avoid any missed opportunities. Analytic Data Solutions believe the same attention should be given to analytics as business communities require timely and accessible data to better understand and predict business trends. The premise is businesses are looking for robust analytic tool choices that allow them to achieve a level of self-service as a way to evolve their business capabilities. This may be at a time that they are waiting for an EDW to be built and sometimes 80% is good enough.
Quick Start Analytics (QSA) demo applications are a way to quicken the process of empowering the business by turning data into actionable information. For example, if your environment is transitioning to an integrated data platform (e.g., Enterprise Data Warehouse) and you are waiting for an analytic reporting application to be made available, QSA provides a means to build a prototype analytic application with an accelerated three-step process:  
     1.  Create a dimensional data model reflecting the necessary measurements and descriptors
     2.  Identify the data source(s) and determine the best method to populate the target data model
     3.  Using the QSA report templates, customize each dashboard and analytic report with your data

This diagram depicts the first two steps of the process. Once the dimensional model is set with both  
the measurements and descriptors, it is important to identify reliable data sources that will feed into  

the QSA data engine. The advantage of this prototype approach is that the business will be able to reflect immediate and actual results back into the prototype. This becomes a true accelerator for the business in the evolving state of the enterprise analytic environment.  
A key premise is to provide a prototype 
environment allowing the business to more 
quickly develop and refine their analytical 
capabilities in healthcare. Other industries are under construction, such as retail and manufacturing. Once the basic design outline is completed and the data models configured, the business analysts may begin their building process.   This provides an ideal setting for developing and evolving an Enterprise Analytic Environment.  
Using your data, the third step is to create and customize the analytic report templates based on the data model created in the previous step. Before beginning to develop reports, it is important to have a complete and well-thought-out reporting design.   For example, QSA for Healthcare provides a reference architecture providing the overall design as well 
as a demo application with full 
report application structure.  
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Copyright © 2011-14 Analytic Data Solutions, LLC | All rights reserved