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QSA for Healthcare
Analytic Data Solutions, LLC is heavily invested in developing integrated data models and analytic reports focused on healthcare analytics. This set of highly specialized intellectual property, built on industry best practices and healthcare standards, is referred to as Quick Start Analytics (QSA) for Healthcare. Business drivers and requirements guide the implementation while their modularity allows project sponsors to select only portions of the QSA accelerators that apply. The QSA acts as accelerators to shorten development time and reduce project implementation costs.

The design framework for Quick Start Analytics is divided into two separate, but related or dependent reference architectures:

1. Data Warehouse (DW) Reference Architecture:

    A standard or core set of healthcare data models
    providing a means to store, maintain, & access 
    your company’s rich data & maximizing its 
    analytic value. 

2. Healthcare Presentation Reference 

    A core set of healthcare analytic 
    reporting templates supporting 
    business requirements that 
    provide an excellent framework,
    which a  company can use to
    build and evolve their full  
    analytic reporting

Analytic Data Solutions’ Healthcare Analytics Data Models differ in their design approach. First, core data models were created based on the healthcare industry standard record formats (i.e., HIPAA Standard Guides) and common record formats (e.g., NCPDP – National Council for Prescription Drug Programs). This fundamental first step minimizes possible healthcare gaps and creates a common “data? language as a starting point. With this set of core data attributes, a basic reporting package is possible. This design approach allows the models to stay current while taking advantage of industry standards and changes.

The core data models have been designed to easily accommodate customization and enhancements, including integration of client data sources. This provides ultimate flexibility for companies seeking the right analytic solutions. Analytic Data Solutions recognize that healthcare analytics contain data complexities and that tailoring data design to accommodate unique source system characteristics is necessary. It is important to note that this customization does not compromise standard formats of the core data fields and a built-in reconciliation process ensures data integrity.

The QSA accelerators are a pictorial representation of the framework needed to transform your corporate data into actionable information. They provide analytic report layouts and corresponding data marts.  The QSA includes report 
layouts that support business requirements and drivers, which are extremely flexible and tool agnostic. They shorten development time and reduce costs associated with implementing various Business Intelligence (BI) analytic projects. The built in flexibility of these Accelerators allow project sponsors to select only the portions that apply as the QSA reference architectures become the complete design blueprint. 
A key guiding principle in the development of these accelerators is that they reflect the Healthcare Analytics Industry and are agile to conform to any changes related to healthcare reform.
A well balanced architecture coupled with best practices and guiding principles was used to develop the data models and analytic report layouts. The framework ensures proper Corporate Metrics Design, focuses attention on Data Governance, and addresses Data Quality Assurance.
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Copyright © 2011-14 Analytic Data Solutions, LLC | All rights reserved
Copyright © 2011-14 Analytic Data Solutions, LLC | All rights reserved