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Data Modeling and Architecture Oversight
The Business Data Model provides a logical view of the Enterprise Data acting as a common language between Information Technology (IT) and the business. The data model shows business entities and their relationships as well as the attributes with business descriptions and 
data types.  

This diagram represents the business data model for 
healthcare showing business entities and their 
relationships. A business data model represents the 
logical view from a data modeling perspective.   It 
contains the business descriptions and relationships 
illustrating how each of the business concepts 
interacts together. This model will drive the creation 
and maintenance of the physical data model.  

Also, the business data model becomes the starting 
point of designing an integrated data store or data 
warehouse acting as the middle tier of an analytic 
data architecture schema.

Dimensional models, typically found in the 3rd tier of a data architecture schema, represent the appropriate storage/format of analytic data. It is important to apply industry best practices and guiding principles to the design of the data model ensuring optimum performance and high data quality. Data marts are designed to match the 
Analytic Data Solutions, LLC understands the importance of managing complete and accurate data models as well as precise data architecture illustrating the movement of data from transactional systems to an analytic data environment. Once the data design activities of a development project begins, Analytic Data Solutions may provide assistance in the creating and enhancing of analytic data models and ETL architecture as well as oversight to analytic architecture best practices.

Here are some examples of activities provided:

  •  ERD Data modeling 
  •  Enterprise & Conceptual Modeling
  •  Dimensional Modeling  
  •  Data Mapping & ETL Design 
  •  Review & critique of Data Design ensuring the business requirements are fulfilled 
corresponding analytic reporting requirements found in the presentation (analytic reporting) layer adhering to the guiding principle of designing a data mart specific to the business needs.  

This data mart is an example of Enrollment facts found in the health insurance industry representing member enrollments over a period of time. The dimensions surrounding the fact table are typically part of a DW bus matrix illustrating the power of conformed dimensions.  

Skills required are dimensional modeling utilizing 
a data modeling tool such as Erwin as well as performing basic data analysis and mapping.  
Another area of expertise is data architecture – the focus here is around the design and readiness of refining the ETL processes that deals with moving (populating) data from source to target databases. The diagram to the right demonstrates the steps required at the record or table level to extract, transform, and load data.  

This type of diagram is connected to two other design artifacts: 1) process specifications, and 2) a data mapping document.  

The overall design serves dual purposes: 
    •   Assist in ETL Coding
    •   Input to the Test Plan
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